Can Hair Serum Reduce Hair Loss?

Published: 05th January 2010
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We all have our personal nightmares and one of them is hair loss. Some of us are lucky to meet this bogey late in our lives. But others have to start living with it even when they are in their twenties or thirties. Loss of hair can have an adverse effect on our self esteem and by extension, on our professional and social life. So we have to find solutions to this problem. To do that we may start by asking what causes hair fall.

First we must know that hair loss is a two fold problem: hair fall and hair thinning. There are three causes for hair loss. Usually all these problems are concomitantly present. And thus all three of them must be dealt with to prevent untimely hair loss.


The most prominent reason is DTH. DHT is the acronym for the hormone named dihydrotestosterone. When the 5 alpha reductase enzyme, merges with testosterone, DTH is formed. This DTH collects at the base of hair follicles and does not allow the hair to take in the oxygen and nutrients required for proper growth of the hair. Consequently, the hair gets shorter and fragile. If saw palmetto and nettles extracts can be applied, hair growth improves because DTH tends to get attached to them.

Lack of proper blood circulation in the scalp

Hair growth is also adversely affected by the lack of adequate blood circulation in the scalp. Studies have revealed that the blood circulation of the scalp of people with normal hair is three times higher than the circulation of balding people. If proper blood circulation can be ensured, hair growth improves. The blood brings the required oxygen and nutrients to the hair.

Blocked follicles

Keeping the hair follicles free of sebum and dirt is also important because blocked follicles retard hair growth. Sebum is the oil generated by the sebaceous glands in the scalp.

The ideal serum

If a serum could combine DTH inhibitors and blood circulation enhancing compounds it could be used as a medicine for hair loss. The ideal serum should not leave behind residues that obstruct the hair follicles. It should also be complemented by a shampoo that cleans up the dirt that naturally accumulates in the scalp. Used together such a serum and a shampoo should enhance hair growth and impede hair loss without causing any damage to the user's hair or scalp.

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