Multi-colored Scarf: The Cotton Appeal

Published: 09th April 2010
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You can make a style statement with a stylishly worn multi-colored scarf. Scarves are the trendiest fashion accessories that can be worn on all occasions and seasons. Whether it is for warmth or style, scarves can serve a variety of purposes.

Take a square or a long scarf, drape it around your neck and make a bow out of it to look cute. A square scarf can also serve as a wrap for your hair, head and shoulders. To enhance your look, consider using a pretty brooch to fasten your scarf behind your head.

Multi-colored Scarf: Style Statement
While you can leave a cotton multi-colored scarf loose over your shoulders, you can also don it fashionably. For instance, carry a cotton scarf beneath an oversized brimmed hat for additional protection from the sun. If you want to look dressy, you can fold the scarf, wrap it around the hat and knot the ends under your chin like a big bow.

Tired of wearing your scarf in the regular fashion? Get experimental and turn it into a chic tube top. Simply take the corner ends of a large square scarf and tie it behind your back. To secure the scarf you may consider stitching some ribbons at the edges. However, if you are planning to wear it to a beach, just knot it behind.

You can be innovative and make a unique bag by stitching two scarves together. Two slightly old cotton scarves might not find much usage as a dress adornment. Nevertheless, it can carry some light-weighted make-up products. Sew up two scarves together, leaving one side open. In the upper seams, leave a slit for the strap. Fold and sew the upper edges in to create a casing for the strap. Use a leather cord or a belt and drive it through the casing to form the strap.

Multi-colored Scarf: Advantages of Using Cotton Scarves
Looking out for the perfect daily wear accessory? A cotton multi-colored scarf is the answer. It is an inexpensive and convenient way of looking trendy. Compared to silk or cashmere, pure cotton scarf is economical and is the ideal option for those who are sensitive to animal fibers.

A cotton scarf is the best alternatives to wigs. It is also an excellent option for patients undergoing chemotherapy as cotton is a breathable fabric, helping the wearer maintain appropriate body temperature.

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