Style Tips for Sporting a Black Satin Scarf

Published: 26th February 2010
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Sophisticate your style with a classic plain black satin scarf. The glossy material in black lends you elegance and multiplies your glamour quotient. These scarves look splendid, whether tied up neatly as a headscarf or draped loosely round the shoulders, to give an airy feel to your outfit. There are other ways of carrying a black satin scarf for a smart and trendy look.

Black Satin Scarf: Fashion Tips
The easiest and most uncomplicated way of looking cool and hip is to don a scarf. A black satin scarf, be it long, short, square or extra wide, can be tied in several ways to achieve the perfect look for various occasions.

A long scarf - There are two ways of wearing a long scarf:
* Drape the scarf round your neck. First wrap it close. Let the second wrap be loose and the third even looser, giving the appearance of rich layers around the neck region.
* This method involves folding the scarf in triangular shape, passing the middle portion round the neck and loosely knotting the ends.

A short scarf - A short scarf can be worn in two ways:
* Fold the scarf and place the middle over your neck. Drive the loose ends through the loop formed by folding. Draw the ends together as tightly as you want.
* A variant to a classy look is to let the scarf hang on one side of your shoulder and toss the other end over the other shoulder.

A square scarf - A square scarf can be simply knotted loosely around the throat or wound loosely around the wrist to enhance your style.

A black satin scarf looks chic when worn as a substitute for a tie. Just wind it around your neck and knot it in the front just like a traditional tie. This is the best way to don a semi-formal look and yet not seem out of place in a formal environment.

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