What are the Best Formulations for Male Hair Regrowth?

Published: 15th September 2010
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As per the website of the Medem Medical Library, approximately 40 million American men are currently affected by Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). MPB is essentially a genetic phenomenon and the most common cause for hair loss in men. MPB, also known as alopecia androgenetica, progresses gradually, where bald spots develop on the crown leading to subsequent thinning of hair from the temples.

MPB is attributed to a compound known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Testosterone, which is a male sex hormone, gets converted into this compound which stimulates the growth of facial and body hair in men. However, hair follicles on the scalp tend to develop oversensitivity to this compound, thus resulting in their shrinkage and withering and subsequent hair fall off. Therefore, male hair regrowth products can be a magic potion for those suffering from MPB.

Which Male Hair Regrowth Products Really Work and How?

Here are some effective male hair regrowth products available in the market:

* Minodixil, a DHT inhibitor, is a proven medication for regrowth of hair. Available in the form of lotions with 2% and 5% minodixil strength, it is sold under the name Rogaine. It is advisable to start with the milder version and proceed to stronger doses. Extra strong Rogaine, which contains about two-and-a-half times Minodixil than the regular variants, is also available. Minodixil works by prolonging the growth cycle of hair and enlarging the tiny follicles. Therefore, hair becomes thicker and longer, while also increasing the number of follicles present, which makes the strands look fuller.

* Finesteride, sold as Propecia, is known to be 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors. 5-alpha-reductase is the chemical compound that converts testosterone to DHT. Administering finesteride tablets can, therefore, prevent hair loss and facilitate re-growth of hair.

You can also consider other innovative formulations that promote hair regrowth and prevent hair fall and hair thinning. There are shampoos and serums as well that combine DHT inhibitors with natural ingredients to improve scalp blood circulation, while providing nutrients for healthy hair growth. The best place to purchase these products is www.surethik.com, where there is a product for every need. Select the right one for you based on a trichologist's advice and find complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

SureThik.com provides outstanding range of all natural male hair regrowth products.

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